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Animal Science for Food System Sustainability and Healthy Diets

The Institute of Animal Science

The Institute of Animal Sciences combines expertise in physiology, animal breeding and genetics, animal nutrition, food quality, and ethology in the field of food production of animal origin. This enables the interdisciplinary conception of problem-solving research and at the same time achieves the necessary focus on innovative fields of research in an international context.

The production of animal-derived food now accounts for 78% of the world's agricultural land (UN Environment Program UNEP study) and provides an income for 1.3 billion people  ( Nutrients from foods of animal origin are important for a balanced human diet. Despite vegetarian and vegan dietary trends, the demand for food of animal origin is estimated to double by 2050 due to the growing world population and changing income structures. The transformation towards sustainable animal husbandry and sustainable consumption of food of animal origin, which is taking place against the background of relevant market and production structures, social developments, guiding principles, and values, is accompanied by interdisciplinary research projects and creates the necessary animal science basics.

The current and future concept about the structure and orientation of Animal Science at the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Bonn is summarized in the ITW-Concept.pdf.

Designing Innovative Livestock Breeding Strategies for Ethiopia

A scientific workshop on „Designing Innovative Livestock Breeding Strategies for Ethiopia” will take place from May 30th to June 2nd 2023 at Bahir Dar University in Ethiopia.


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