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Stipendienprojekte / Scholarships

We are running several projects based on awarded scholarships to PhD Students from the DAAD, KAAD and other governmental agencies. PhD Students in our house come from China, Indonesia, India, Iran, Thailand, Turkey, Mexico, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kamerun, Slowakia, Bangladesh, Vietnam and from Germany. Foreign students are welcome to apply for practical trainees (DAAD / IAESTE - program) or for our PhD-program. For information please contact Karl Schellander.


  1. Abstammungs- und Identitätskontrolle beim Schwein mittels Mikrosatellitenanalyse (Paternity and Identity control using microsatellite marker in pigs). 1998-2001

  2. Analyse von C3 als Kandidatengen für unspezifische Immunantwort beim Schwein (C3 as candidate gene for innate immunresponse in pigs). 1998-2001

  3. Typisierung des MHC-Komplexes auf der DNA-Ebene beim Schwein (MHC-Typing in pigs). 1999-2002

  4. Expression profiling in cattle preimplantative embryos: Influence of cell differentiation. 2001-2004

  5. Differentielle Genexpression in Eizellen und Embryonen von Rindern mit unterschiedlicher Fütterungsintensität (Differential gene expression in oocytes and embryos in cattle fed with different intensity). 2001-2004

  6. Screening of polymorphisms in candidate genes for generalized disease defense power in pigs. 2001-2003

  7. Expression profiling of miRNAs in bovine oocytes and preimplantations stage embryos. 2007-2010
  8. Transcriptom analysis of blastocysts derived from alternative culture of in vivo or in vitro and investigation of dominant pathways in early bovine embryo development. 2008-2011

  9. Transcriptome analysis of Day 16 and Day 28 fetuses derived from various biotechnological procedures. 2009-2012

  10. Quantitative analysis of genes expression -> to improve cattle fertility. 2010-2011
  11. Masterarbeit Lipopolysaccharides induced immune responses of porcine peripheral blood mononuclear cell (PBMC). 2010-2011
  12. Regulation of metabolic pathways in early bovine embryo development. 2011-2014
  13. Effect of subclinical endometritis in bovine oviductal environment and its implication for embryo quality. 2011-2014
  14. Masterarbeit: Regulation of candidate MicroRNAs and their processing machinery genes during bovine oocyte maturation. 2010-2011
  15. Molecular genetics of innate immune responses in pig against helminth infection. 2014-2017
  16. Molecular mechanisms associated with survival of bovine embryos under stress condition. 2015-2018
  17. Embryos defense mechanism against environment stress. 2015-2018


  1. Gene expression in preimplantation stage bovine embryos. 2000-2003

  2. Genomescan for production traits in a porcine resource population. 2002-2004

Ägyptische Regierung

  1. Expression analyses of developmental key genes in in vitro produced cattle embryos. 2001-2003

  2. Gene expression patterns in cattle preimplantation embryos relation to their in vivo developmental competence. 2003-2005

  3. Identification, expression profiling and functional analysis of miRNAs in bovine preimplantation embryos. 2008-2011

  4. Effect of polyunsaturated fatty acids on in vitro embryos production and cryopreservation. 2013-2016
  5. Study of the possible protective effects of certain antioxidants against lead induced toxicity in pregnant animals and their embryos; Sandwich Program. 2016-2017

Iranische Regierung

  1. Identification of candidate genes for early embryonic mortality. 2004-2007

  2. Investigation of factors affecting somatic cell nuclear transfer efficiency in the bovine: In vitro and In vivo development when using In vitro matured oocytes. 2007-2009

  3. Functional analysis of bovine miRNAs in follicular development. 2010-2013

Indische Regierung

  1. The role of microRNAs during ovulation and follicular-luteal transition in bovine. 2014-2017

Indonesische Regierung

  1. Molecular genetic analysis of innate immune response. 2010-2013
  2. AMPK pathway in lipid accumulation of bovine embryos. 2011-2014
Pakistanische Regierung
  1. Investigation of molecular mechanisms regulating bovine follicular development. 2010-2014
Chinesische Regierung
  1. Functional genomic analysis of innate immunity in pigs. 2011-2014
  2. Functional genomic analysis of innate immunity in pigs. 2011-2014
  3. Functional genomics in procine meat quality. 2011-2014
  4. Functional analysis of miRNAs in bovine folliculogenesis. Visiting scholar, 2015-2016
Islamic Dev. Bank
  1. Analysis of cattle embryo transcriptome dynamics under different environmental conditions. 2013-2016