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Research fields

The research focuses on the identification of the genetic components (at the population as well at the molecular level) of trait variation in cattle and pig.


Molecular genetics in pigs

Molecular dissection of disease and stress resistence, carcass and meat quality.

  • Candidate-, QTL- and Expressionanalyses for the identification of genes contributing to

    • Innate disease resistance
    • Inverted teats
    • Growth carcass quality
    • Carcass and meat quality
  • Use of DNA markers to improve fitness


Molecular genetics in cattle

The focus is here on preimplantation genetics. Gene expression analyses is performed on in vitro and in vivo produced cattle embryos to identify expression profiles which are indicative for developmental competence.

  • Expression profiling in preimplantation embryos
    • Identification of development specific gene expression
    • Influence of in vitro manipulation (Nuclea transfer) on gene expression
    • Influence of the oviduct on gene expression
    • Gene expression and developmental competence
  • Developmental competence of in vitro derived and NT-Embryos
  • Oocyteactivation
  • Embryodilectrophoresis
  • Cumulus Oocyte Transcriptom
  • Endometrium & Embryo biopsy transcriptome


Population Genetics and Biostatistics

  • Animal breeding plans
  • Estimation of breeding values in pig and beef cattle
  • Development of methods for EBV-determination in pigs
  • Development of performance testing schedules in pigs
  • Bioinformatics using molecular data information in animal breeding