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  1. Mau, M., Kaiser, T.M., Südekum, K.-H., 2010: Carbonic anhydrase II is secreted from bovine parotid glands. Histol. Histopathol. 25, 321-329.
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  6. Pfeffer, E., Holthausen, A., Griese, H., Hovenjürgen, M., Kehraus, S., Boeser, U., Looff, M., 2010. Untersuchungen an Mastfärsen über Stickstoff-Ausscheidungen bei Fütterung von Mischrationen mit unterschiedlichen Gehalten an Rohprotein. Züchtungskunde, 82 (2), 144-154.
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  9. Ragaller, V., Lebzien, P., Bigalke, W., Südekum, K.-H., Hüther, L., Flachowsky, G., 2010. Effects of folic acid supplementation to rations differing in the concentrate to roughage ratio on ruminal fermentation, nutrient flow at the duodenum, and on serum and milk variables of dairy cows. Arch. Anim. Nutr. 64, 484-503.

  10. Olanite, J.A., Anele, U.Y., Arigbede, O.M., Jolaosho, A.O., Onifade, O.S., 2010. Effect of plant spacing and nitrogen fertilizer levels on the growth, dry-matter yield and nutritive quality of Columbus grass (Sorghum almum stapf) in southwest Nigeria. Grass Forage Sci. 65, 369-375.

  11. Kirchhof, S., Eisner, I., Gierus, M., Südekum, K.-H., 2010. Variation in the contents of crude protein fractions of different forage legumes during the spring growth. Grass Forage Sci. 65, 376-382.

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  1. Mau, M., Fashing, P., Johann, A., Sliwa, A., Kaiser, T.M., Südekum, K.-H., 2010. Salivary proteins and their role in primate feeding ecology. In: R.M. Mohan (Ed.) Research Advances in Primatology, Vol. 1. Global Research Network, Kerala, India, 1-9.
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  3. Mau, M., Südekum, K.-H., Johann, A., Sliwa, A., Kaiser, T.M., 2010. Indication of higher salivary a-amylase expression in hamadryas baboons and geladas compared to chimpanzees and humans. J Med Primatol 39, 187-190.





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