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Publikationen 2008

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  1. Gierus, M., Schiborra, A., Südekum, K.-H., Taube, F., Rave, G. (2008): Comparison of gas accumulation profiles of several feeds using manual and automated gas production methods. Anim. Feed Sci. Technol. 147, 310-325.
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Publikationen, Publications 2008 Sonstige

  1. Clauss, M., Kaiser, T., Hummel, J. (2008): The Morphophysiological Adaptations of Browsing and Grazing Mammals. In: The Ecology of Browsing and Grazing (I.J. Gordon, H.H.T. Prins, Eds.), Springer Verlag Berlin: 47-88.
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Beiträge zu wissenschaftlichen Tagungen / Proceedings 2008

  1. Ofongo, S.T., Kehraus, S., Iyayi, E.A., Südekum, K.-H.: Rice mill feed: an agro-industrial by-product with potential for rural development. Proc. Tropentag 2008, October 7-9, Univ. Hohenheim, Stuttgart, 4 pp.