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  1. Edmunds, B., Spiekers, H., Südekum, K.-H., Nußbaum, H., Schwarz, F., Bennett, R., 2014. Effekt of extent and rate of wilting on nitrogen components of grass silage. Grass Forage Sci. 60, 140-152.
  2. Singh, S., Anele, U.Y., Edmunds, B., Südekum, K.-H., 2014. In vitro ruminal dry matter degradability, microbial efficiency, short chain fatty acids, carbohydrate and protein fractionation of tropical grassmultipurpose  tree species diets. Livest. Sci. 160, 45-51.
  3. Starke, S., Cox, C., Südekum, K.-H., Huber, K., 2014. Species-specific responses of N homeostasis and electrolyte handling to low N intake: A comparative physiological approach in a monogastric and a ruminant species. J. Comp. Physiol. B 184, 137-147.
  4. Gerlach, K., Roß, F. Weiß, K., Büscher, W., Südekum, K.-H., 2014. Aerobic exposure of grass silages and its impact on dry matter intake and preference by goats. Small Rum. Res. 117, 131-141.
  5. Riaz, M.Q., Südekum, K.-H., Clauss, M., Jayanegara, A., 2014. Voluntary feed intake and digestibility of four domestic ruminant species as influenced by dietary constituents: a meta-analysis study. Livest. Sci. 162, 76-85.
  6. Gorniak, T., Hüther, L., Meyer, U., Lebzien, P., Breves, G., Südekum, K.-H., Dänicke, S., 2014. Digestibility, ruminal fermentation, ingesta kinetics and nitrogen utilisation in dairy cows fed diets based on silage of brown midrib or a standard maize hybrid. Arch. Anim. Nutr. 68, 143-158.
  7. Gorniak, T., Meyer, U., Südekum, K.-H., Dänicke, S., 2014. Impact of mild heat stress on dry matter intake, milk yield and milk composition in mid-lactation Holstein dairy cows in a temperate climate. Arch. Anim. Nutr. 68, 358-369.
  8. Gerlach, K., Liao, Y., Südekum, K.-H. 2014. Aerobic exposure of lucerne silages and its impact on preference and dry matter intake by goats. Small Ruminant Res., 308-313.
  9. Gresner, N., Südekum, K.-H., Höltershinken, M., 2014. Umsetzungen von Stickstoffverbindungen des Futters im Pansen. Übers. Tierernährg. 42, 27-80.

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  1. Bozkurt, M., Hippenstiel, F. Abdel-Wareth, A.A.A., Kehraus, S., Küçükyılmaz, K., Südekum, K.-H., 2014. Effects of selected herbs and essential oils on performance, egg quality and some metabolic activities in laying hens - a review. Europ. Poult. Sci. 78, 15pp. DOI: 10.1399/eps.2014.49..










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  1. Steuer, P., Südekum, K.-H., Tütken, T., Müller, D.W.H., Kaandorp, J., Bucher, M., Clauss, M., Hummel, J., 2014. Does body mass convey a digestive advantage for large herbivores? Funct. Ecol. 28, 1127-1134.
  2. Changwony, K., Alvarez, M., Lanyasunya, T.P., Dold, C., Becker, M., Südekum, K.-H., 2014. Biomass and quality changes of forages along land use and soil type gradients in the riparian zone of Lake Naivasha, Kenya. Ecol. Indic. 49. 169-177.



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