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Publikationen 2018


Zeitschriftenbeiträge, Original papers, peer reviewed


Mann S, Urh C, Sauerwein H, Wakshlag JJ, Leal Yepes FA, Overton TR & Nydam DV (2018):

Short communication: The association of adiponectin and leptin concentrations with prepartum dietary energy supply,

parity, body condition, and postpartum hyperketonemia in transition dairy cows.

Journal of Dairy Science, 101, 806-811


Sadri H, Saremi B, Dänicke S, Rehage J, Mielenz M, Hosseini A & Sauerwein H (2018):

Lactation-related changes in tissue expression of PEDF in dairy cows.

Domestic Animal Endocrinology, 64, 93-101




Kurzfassungen, Tagungsbeiträge, Abstracts, Proceedings


Martin LM, Büscher W & Müller U (2018):

Automated early removal of the milking cluster before beginning of the dry period to reduce internal udder pressure.

Proceedings of the National Mastitis Council 57th Annual Meeting, 30.01.-02.02.2018, Tucson, AZ, US


Urh C, Denißen J, Ettle T, Meyer U, Schmitz R, Stamer E, Spiekers H, Sauerwein H (2018):

Varying the energy density of the diet by roughage composition and the amount of concentrates: effects on the circulating

concentrations of adiponectin in Holstein and in Simmental cows.

Proceedings of the Society of Nutrition Physiology. Band 27, Page 84.

Tagung 13.-15.03.2018, Göttingen, ISBN: 978-3-7690-4111-8


Urh C, Schuh K, Dusel G, Koch C & Sauerwein H (2018):

Effect of body condition on the oxidative status in dairy cows.

Proceedings of the fifth DairyCare Conference in Thessaloniki, Greece, 19.-20.03.2018



Sonstiges, Other Contributions